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Discover purposeful travels worldwide.

Seek Beyond curates brands that offer group travels with well-crafted itineraries, in hopes to encourage good traveling and forming deep connections and enriching transformative experiences from all around the world.

My task involved crafting a minimalistic but compelling brand identity that encapsulated meaningful travel, alongside designing a directory site. Through thoughtful design elements, we unveiled a brand identity that truly captured the essence of Seek Beyond’s mission. 

Following a direction of a clean look, we used clean fonts for a logo and typography paired with some bold colours. The logo uses a balanced feature of bold and clean typography. Curvatures are used to portray friendliness. The logo also features an arrow and dashed lines to depict movement and portray a sense of adventure like elements on a map. 


Here’s what the owner had to say:

“I have worked with Ice from Decigner Studio for various design projects for my businesses and I am never disappointed. Ice really listens to you and your brand vision and goes above and beyond to bring it to life without you having to constantly communicate your vision. She gets it from the start and implements all your vision and adds in her design expertise as well. She is lovely to work with and she will be my go to designer for all of my various projects. I highly recommend Ice if you are looking for a soulful, well-intentioned designs for your brand.

You always go above and beyond and you never disappoint. I just feel you really take time to listen to your clients to make sure you get the vision right and I really appreciate it that!”




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