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for the old souls/ enthusiasts/ advocates/ eco-conscious/ slow-living/ mindful seekers/ wanderers

a journey to soulful sustainability

In collaboration with Samira’s Caravan, a unique directory curating soulful and sustainable brands, I took on the challenge to give shape to their brand identity and create an online presence that guides users on a mindful journey of self-discovery and connected with like-minded individuals and brands

We crafted an authentic brand identity that resonates with the historic caravan and gives off a feeling of classic desert vibes with colors and typography. The logo is made up of a classic font that is cultural and quirky yet sophisticated, and is paired with a handdrawn silhouette of a resting camel in front of a sun (which hints the audience to pause, calm down, and live slow). It is also faced backwards and also hints us to wind down and look back into the past (inspired by heritage). 

We have also crafted three symbols for its category groups. The “Essentials” symbol resembles things (specifically bowls), the “Experience” symbol resembles an hourglass to symbolize the things we experience through time, and the “Education” symbol resembles a hierarchy of the mind to show that as we learn, we get better. 

Here’s what the owner had to say:

“I have worked with Ice from Decigner Studio for various design projects for my businesses and I am never disappointed. For Samira’s Caravan she really helped me bring my vision to life through her soulful, well crafted, well thought-out designs. Ice really listens to you and your brand vision and goes above and beyond to bring it to life without you having to constantly communicate your vision. She gets it from the start and implements all your vision and adds in her design expertise as well. She is lovely to work with and she will be my go to designer for all of my various projects. I highly recommend Ice if you are looking for a soulful, well-intentioned designs for your brand.

You always go above and beyond and you never disappoint. I just feel you really take time to listen to your clients to make sure you get the vision right and I really appreciate it that!”




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